Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rabbit, rabbit

Just a quicky now, I have been adoring the patterns of Barbara Prime, aka Fuzzymitten for a while, and I have populated my bookshelves (and a few of my friends) with some of the results. All the pictures that I have are still from my phone, but I felt an unstoppable urge to put at least one up for now, the rest will follow soon (-ish)...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Total Rubbish !

I wish I had a camera, but for some reason I can't (or won't) get round to getting a new one. Which means that, positively speaking, there is plenty of time to post all of the backlog. On the down side, everything is fairly old. Or badly photographed. And mainly embroidery. *sigh*

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I have an old round foot stool (legacy of one of my flatmates), that is badly in need of recovery. Now, I always wanted to embroider upholstery, but a whole armchair or sofa is somewhat daunting, I'm sure you'll agree. So this was perfect, not bigger than a cushion cover. I was looking for something that would naturally sit with the circular shape, and I wanted it to be photo-realistic. I cannot recall exactly how, but I ended up with taking a picture of my rubbish bin, top down...
And this was the result:

I should also explain that I never got round to having the stool upholstered, so any ideas about what to do with an embroidery of a heap of rubbish, answers please on a postcard to the usual address.