Sunday, 30 October 2011

Be prepared ...

... for Christmas, that is. Since the department stores and supermarkets have been very subtly hinting for months now that, would you know it, there is going to be a Christmas AGAIN in December this year, I have taken the hint and started working on this year's decorations. I wanted to make some baubles for a while, and after looking at various patterns that are available, I decided that I would do my own version. It's not re-inventing the wheel, since it's a sphere shape, but I like the way it leaves several options for decoration.
On a visit to Loop in Islington this afternoon I also saw the fabulous book by Carlos and Arne 55 Christmas balls to knit, which I love for the variations, but I have to say I prefer my versions, because they are perfectly round, which is thanks to the styrofoam ball inside. It's a bitch to knit around it, but I really don't like it when they look like a lopsided dumpling, which is the look I usually manage to achieve with toy stuffing.

Enough waffling on, here is the first beauty shot of the fair isle versions. All the same pattern in the same colours, just different configurations:

I also did a few more classic red / white combos, and I found a willing stand-in for a Christmas tree:

Pattern is on Ravelry here!

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  1. These are great - thanks for sharing (and for free). I'll definitely be trying to knock a few out for Christmas.